Toronto, ON


Good presentations. Very thorough.

Rosemary L., , Principal

Very good. Great topics where I have got bullet ideas to take back.

Dale Finnamore, Regional Operations Manager, NBCC

Very applicable topics to my daily practice as an administrator.

Christine Kwiatkowski, Principal, YCDSB

Key note speaker today was great. Difficult topic, but presented very well. I always enjoy Eric’s presentations. Mike Kasitzis presentation was just great! Really good.

Katherine Branton, Manager, Emergency Preparedness, York University

Very good to hear from the folks that are directly involved in emergency events.

Rob Lederen, Vice Principal, Secondary, Coquitlam School District 43

The speakers have been very motivational. They have helped give guidance to what our next steps should be.

Philip Durand, Emergency and Disaster Planning Officer, Royal Military College

C.J. Huff’s story will stay with me – this is the kind of leadership we can all benefit from.

Wendy Bennett, Manager, Health and Safety, SD 43

Excellent. Bigger and better than ever, I particularly enjoyed the personal story from the school shooter (Kelly).

Dan Bilodeau, Critical Solutions, Deke Security

The conference has been very informative!

Dana McCallum, School Resource Officer, Brandon Police Services

I am thoroughly enjoying the conference and it is extremely informative. The presentations from Tressie Armstrong as well as Huff had the highest impact. They put a “real fuel” on the tragedies that can occur and bring the point home that this does happen. The biggest tragedy is not learning from one and I am thankful that they have shared their experience.

Military Police – Security Advisor, Lyne Papineau, Royal Military College of Canada

The last impact will be to update ERG… Municipal resources and internal resources to coordinate prevention and response.

Angela Marshall, Director, STFX University

I liked hearing about the lockdown strategies. I will be taking this info back to my own schools.

Katie Douglas, School Nurse, Trafalgar Castle School

Excellent speakers, lots of small changes to our program.

Adam Conway, Manager, Officer of Emergency Management, University of Alberta

Good variety of topics and speakers.

Mary Whish, Director, HR, St. Clements School

Overall very good. The presentation of the Joplin city disaster was what stood out for me.

Chris Koumarelas, Coordinator Data Centre, Toronto District School Board

Interesting – would be very useful for risk and security management teams. Inspirational – Joplin story was very moving.

Yasemin Sarraf, Safety Officer, Peel District School

Excellent case studies.

Darren D., , Concordia University

Good conference I will definitely attend again!

Sheila Keith, Director, Risk Management, University of Northern BC

Excellent morning. Virginia tech and Joplin presentations were the best I have seen at any conference.

Michael Kasitz, Director, Eastern Ky University Emergency Management

Great experience. The presenters that went through actual situations left an impact.

Robert Melesky, Facilities Planning Officer, OCDSB

Tremendous amount of quality information.

Mick Staruck, Principal, WBE Education

Excellent speakers. I like the 45 min time frame. Also like single sessions – we get to hear and all learn from it.

R. Johnston, Director, Community Strat Operator, Lakefield College School

Case studies of actual events were great especially elementary school. Good variety of topics.

Suzanne Blake, Higher Education Specialist, Witt Associates

Yet another incredible worthwhile and interesting summit! I am still learning a lot of invaluable aspects of emergency and disaster planning that we can use to increase the level of safety and preparedness directly into our school and in our district. The ability to access the experts is truly appreciated.

Wes-King Hunter, Vice Principal, Medicine Hat High School

One of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. The cross-section of speakers and their high level of expertise were of trainmasters value. I would highly recommend this conference.

Dan Pooler, Retired RCMP/College Dean, Formerly RCMP/Niagara College

Overall the speakers were wonderful informative and did well capturing and keeping our attention. The content was very useful, reinforcing the importance of a strong E.M. program…

Brent Nichols, Director Security, Campus Safety, Interlochen Centre for the Arts

Great speakers. Enormous amount of very important and practical information

Larry Denomme, Director of Security, Laurentian University

I found the conference shed some light on many of the key issues facing post secondary institutions today. The speakers were very knowledgeable and provided valuable insight on overcoming challenges and promoting emergency management programs in post-secondary institutions.

James Skenderis, Emergency Coordinator, York University

Some of the best experience in their field giving most current, relevant information about schools safety & disaster/emergency planning.

Al Wray, Coordinator, Safe & Supportive Schools, KPDSB

It has opened my eyes regarding safety (any kind) in my schools. It is not just fire aerial or bus evacuation anymore.

Sylvia Richard, Vice Principal High School, Cross Lake Education

The topics and speakers provided a useful mix of practical, leadership training and new information for all levels of education.

Jeff Young, Assistant Chief, UCLA

Very good – all speakers were knowledgeable – brought forth relevant materials for all participants.

Martin Grainger, Director, Campus Security and Emergency Preparedness, The University of Winnipeg

The truly important knowledge of lockdown procedures. The case studies will have a lasting impact that I will learn from what has actually happened.

Trent Pryor, Facilities Supervisor, School District 62

The wealth of and diversity of speakers. Experience is phenomenal.

Keith Pua, Public Safety Coordinator, Humber College

Very useful sessions. Impact has been plan, plan and plan more.

Peter Singh, Senior Manager- IT Operations, Toronto District School Board

Great speakers. Lots of information, good ideas.

M. Dusablan, Coordinator of Services, Buildings, Transportation, Western Quebec School Board

Well organized conference which gave the college the opportunity networking to share our concerns and to succeed to be more effective in planning.

George Hilderman, Manager, Security Services, Yukon College

Each speaker has left me with at least one or two key points to bring back to our district.

Richard S., Supervisor, CSSD

Nice balance between research and practicality I am enjoying the fluid nature of the presentations.

Norm Martin, Supervisor, Institutional services, Calgary Catholic School District

Conference has been very informative lasting impact taken… regardless of situation planning for emergencies is not enough unless plans are in place and practiced.

R. Mahoney, Operating Supervisor Security and Traffic, University of New Brunswick

Excellent resources/speakers overall.

Al Wray, Safe Schools Coordinator, Keewatin Patricia DSB

“Very helpful in targeting weak points in emergency plan. Useful ideas in preventative measures to become as ready as possible in worse case incidents.”

Jeffrey Lanteigne, Ridley College, Ridley College

“Facilitators are great, first speaker set the bar high for everyone.”

Eddy Sourrol, , St. Mary’s University

This was my first time attending this conference and I am very impressed. The speakers were great, offering useful advice and using real life experiences. Great venue as well, with friendly and helpful staff.

Paul Simpson, , University College of the North

Excellent speakers. Good venue. Interesting, diversified and relevant. Had an excellent time. Learned a lot. Hope to return.

Matt Haley, , CSAP

Excellent. Case studies were great.

Laura Mason, , Pickering College

Great speakers for this event. A wealth of information from each speaker was appreciated.

Margaret Goodwin, , Sheridan College

Presentations are relevant, meaningful. Presenter’s very knowledgeable down to earth presentations.

Dennis Edmoundson, , GECDSB

The quality of presentations and variety has been excellent. Very diverse and informative.

Alex Polkki, , Marianopolis College

Great. Good presentations on case studies.

Jessica Murphy, , Jackson State University

Very good. Lots of good info sharing and networking.

Katherine Branten, , York U.

Very informative. Lasting impact: planning is great but being adaptable to each specific situation is equally as important.

Trevor Brown, , York Regional Police Service

Very informative. Pertained to some of my job related expectations.

Auburn White, , Fanshawe College Security

This is a great venue to reach out to people and colleagues to share thoughts and ideas.

Daniel P., , Ryerson University

A number of specific pieces of advice I can take back to U of A. The lasting impression was the inspiration from Frank DeAngelis.

Rob M., , University of Alberta

Very valuable lots of information packed into the day. Glad to see the 2 tracks and the emphasis on prevention in addition to info on dealing in an event and post event. Networking opportunity very valuable! Email content info very helpful to me.

Joe Veryard, , Institute for Education Leadership


Alison Kay, , UGDSB

Breadth of speakers and knowledge (1st hand) increased credibility of topic.

Michelle Marginet, , School District No 73 (Kamloops/Thompson)

Was able to discuss one-on-one with speakers, especially David Esquite to gain insight on strategies used elsewhere and feedback on our current strategies and procedures.

Matt Haley, , Conseil Scolaire Acadiew Provincial

Wow! Not a dry eye at our table when Frank DeAngelis shared his experience. He inspires that any school can go on after a disaster as what Columbian has gone through.

Jacqueline Ross, , Cross Lake Education Authority

Everything linked together nicely. Nice variety of big picture topics and practical take away information.

Dorby Pierson, , Sheridan College

Day 2 has been just as informative as day 1. Appreciate presenter’s info relevant to k-12 environment.

Dennis Edmondson, , GECDSB

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love that all presentations are based on actual events. Great speakers passionate about student’s safety.

Annick Morin, Mental Health Leader, Conseil Scolaire Catholique Franco-Nord

Good presenters. Good schedule. Good reminders of best practices.

Amy Facchineri, Vice Principal, WECDSB

Wow! A lot of excellent information has been presented which I wasn’t aware of especially about the lockdown procedures. Very, very interesting!

Alex J. Robinson, Education Portfolio Councilor, Cross Lake Education Authority

Very good. It is great to hear from industry experts and the people on the front lines about their experiences. Importance of lessons learned.

Laura Mason,, Director, Health Services, Pickering College

Every session has provided me with excellent insights having speakers speak to real life situations has a lot of impact.

Wendy Fox, Associate Superintendent, Lethbridge School District

Excellent speakers/presentations. Variety of professional advice, every presentation had take away information (valuable).

Lisa Vogt, Occupational Health and Safety Manager, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

It has been very informative. Our community does not have to deal with tragedies but in the event that something happens, it is nice to hear we are prepared.

Wendy Malkin, Finance and Admin Assistant, Sir John Franklin High school

I have learned something new and valuable from every session today.

David Galajda, , St. Andrews College

It is great to have a conference aimed squarely at an industry. Too many times we have to interpret info meant for others.

Clint Vester, Supervisor OH&S, Ottawa – Carleton District School Board

Great conversation regarding lockdown procedures. Very practical.

Dwayne Marciniw, VP, LPSD

Excellent! Eye opening for emergency pre-planning.

Alain Legrand, Vice Principal, CSCEN – ESC Algonquin

Lots of experience in our midst on which to draw advice, support, etc. Very good range of topics with strong speakers addressing each.

Barb Macintosh, Director, Student Life, St. Clements School

Great to hear the first hand accounts. It has been very helpful.

Michael Tattersall, Director, Physical Plant, King’s University College

All the sessions have been excellent. The lasting impact for me concentrates on the things that we have in place for lockdowns and evacuations and the parts of our processes that need to be somewhat added to/changed up a bit. The case study regarding Thistletown Collegiate Institute certainly benefitted me in that respect.

Susan Withers, Vice Principal, Medicine Hat High School

The conference has been very informative. Our group really enjoyed the case study on Sandy Hook and the speakers from the Toronto Police Service.

Matt Casola, Manager, Health and Safety, Sault College

All did an exceptional job. Great content in lockdown presentation from Mike – Calgary. Common sense approach is so appreciated. We practice as he instructs but it is reassuring we are on the right track.

Barbara Webber, Vice President, Webber Academy

Excellent presenters covering range of relevant topics.

James Yuhasz, Special Constable Manager, WLU