Gain insight to better identify risks, mitigate emergencies and reduce your response time

This gathering of safety leaders in the education system will provide you with practical strategies to improve your preparedness, protect your students and remain a trusted institution.

With social media, cybersecurity threats, and hate crimes, new factors are in uencing the outcome of crises. How well your emergency response plan will adapt to these challenges depends on you.

Gather key insights to:

  1. Cybersecurity: Prepare for disruptive ransomware
  2. First Responders: Strengthen cooperation
  3. Bomb Threats: Manage threats on social media
  4. Active Shooters: Improve your lockdown protocol
  5. Parents’ Perspective: Adapt your communication
  6. Natural Disaster: Refine your evacuation plan
  7. Threat Assessment: Quickly flag violent behaviors
  8. Safe Schools: Prevent hazing and bullying
  9. Communication: Scale up mass communication