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Design the safe environment you want within your schools. Bolster your team with the newest advances in emergency management and the latest case studies within North America.

Robert J. Rader Tony Beliz, Ph.D. Andrew Fetchik David Galjda Barry Hughes

Robert J. Rader,

Executive Director,

Connecticut Association of Boards of Education

Case Study: Sandy Hook Elementary School

Tony Beliz, Ph.D.,

Deputy Director,

County of Los Angeles Department of Mental Health Emergency Outreach Bureau Los Angeles, CA

Andrew Fetchik,


Chardon High School

David Galajda,

Director of Residential Life,

St. Andrew's College (Aurora, ON)

Barry Hughes,

Head of School,

Holy Trinity School

Take back practical strategies on mental health assessment, managing social media, uncovering cyber-bullying, essential active shooter management and new lockdown procedures.

If you are involved in any aspect of school safety, you can't afford to miss this unique forum. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore new ideas and successful initiatives presented by your peers with hands-on experience. Tackle YOUR challenges with real-life case studies!

Source critical insights on new lockdown procedures; prevent cyber-bullying, overcome tragedy, and deter violent school attacks. Revise your emergency plans for field trips and establish your own team to manage mental health.

One of the worst mass school shootings in the U.S. took place in December 2012. Hear how Sandy Hook Elementary School, the school board, and the community responded during and after such tragedy.

Gain practical solutions, exercises and strategies to take back to your schools from Canada's ONLY emergency management conference dedicated to educational institutions.

If there is one event you attend this year – this is it!

Source critical insights on school safety from 15 leaders:

  1. Connecticut Association of Boards of Education
  2. Chardon High School (Ohio)
  3. County of Los Angeles Department of Mental Health
  4. Toronto District School Board
  5. York Region Police Services
  6. Hamilton Police Services
  7. Toronto Emergency Medical Services
  8. Thistletown Collegiate Institute
  1. Borden Ladner Gervais
  2. St. Andrew's College (Aurora)
  3. Holy Trinity School (Richmond Hill)
  4. University of Saskatchewan
  5. Calgary Police Service
  6. Waterloo Fire Rescue
  7. Eastern Kentucky University

Take away 14 practical solutions to better manage:

  1. Mental Health Awareness: Anticipate and respond to mental health concerns
  2. Lockdown Procedures: Analyze new "upgraded" police protocols
  3. Community Assistance: Respond to provide resources during and after an incident
  4. Public Relations: Critical steps to manage and contain a crisis
  5. Cyber-bullying: New legal updates and responsibilities of school administrators
  6. Recovery: How to manage the emotional aftermath of a school tragedy
  7. First Responders Roundtable: What to expect and how to collaborate
  8. Field Trip Safety: Exercises to prepare you for off-site emergencies
  9. School Shootings: Train and improve your responses to active shooters
  10. Natural Disasters: Exercises and practical solutions to manage an emergency
  11. Implement Security Plans: Design and deliver a measured five-year strategy
  12. Threat Assessments: Determine weaknesses and strengths within your buildings
  13. Fear and Trust: Restore faith in a safe and secure school environment
  14. Interactive Brainstorming: Learn from your peers with an INTERACTIVE exercise

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Strategy Institute Conference Differentiators:

  1. EXCLUSIVE Q&A with First Responders. Get your questions answered on the spot!
  2. Industry-vetted, highly requested speakers
  3. Timely and relevant case studies
  4. Interactive table top exercise
  5. Extensive Q&A with your peers
  6. Four structured networking times
  7. Group discounts
  8. Take away presentations and materials
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Strategy Institute is proud to be a facilitator of information sharing for the public service sector for over 15 years. We strive to strengthen the foundation of Canada’s education system through conferences such as “Preventing Violence in Schools,” “Legal Liability for Senior Educators,” “Emergency and Disaster Planning for Colleges, Universities, and K-12 Schools,” and many more. Our higher purpose is to provide educators, school safety and security officers, and emergency managers with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure a higher standard of protection, safety, and preparedness for all students.