Toronto, ON

Wednesday Oct. 4th &
Thursday Oct. 5th, 2017

Keep your school safe. Protect your students and faculty. Prepare Now

From the La Loche High School shooting to the Dunbarton High School stabbing, unfortunate incidents continue to make headlines.

Prevent emergencies from happening in your institution and mitigate the impact of disasters.

Join the only North American summit focused specifically on emergency preparedness for K–12 schools, colleges and universities. Take away practical insights from 10 case studies and implement life-saving strategies in your institution.

Meet parents and first responders to transform your stakeholder relations.
Identify vulnerabilities and deficiencies that can cripple your emergency response. Emulate successful exercises from top institutions in Canada.

Learn from recent events and take away practical tips to:

  • Maximize efficiency of your emergency management team.
  • Identify and defuse impending violence
  • Reduce your students’ emotional distress during and after emergencies
  • Optimize your limited resources to achieve your school safety objectives
  • Improve your communication with first responders.

This must-attend conference will help you implement your next emergency management strategies and protect your students.

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